Monday, June 15, 2009

Truck Rodeo Part Two


As I way saying, the rain was so terrential, it was caving the tents in!!!IMG_6750 ---------------------------------------------------------

                  The Next Day~~~~~~~~

The team got together and took some group pictures… again, this is Wayne in the blue, the terminal manager… he was like Daddy Wayne all weekend. . Dennis is very blessed to have such a fair, calm, awesome boss! I was VERY impressed with him, and Dennis is too…..IMG_6753 a huddle….IMG_6765 IMG_6769 IMG_6802 Teams from all over Virginia were here, and we even let the Parcel part of UPS join us. Neat people…..IMG_6806 Wayne…. proud papa of the group…..IMG_6810 GO TEAM!IMG_6825 

OK, ARE YOU READY???? This is Dennis’ run!!


IMG_6847 He was very calm this year. Two years ago he was speedy gonzalez and bombed it… this year he was awesome, I was such a proud wife. . . IMG_6850 The goal above and below is to get the back tire very close to the barrel without touching it… and the trick was, you had no mirrors, they are covered up!!! (see walmart bag in the front)IMG_6851 Great Job Honey! 45 points!!IMG_6856 IMG_6858 Below the object was to get close to this barel and to go over the orange line underneath that he could not see it!! IMG_6863 He did it! 50 points!!! :) Woo Hoo!IMG_6867 IMG_6872

:) This made me smile… those cards…. Dennis didn't know how he was doing on the course while he was driving, he had no clue….

Ok, the object of the task below is to get your truck in between these balls without knocking them over. There was a set to the left of him and to the right of his tire, and he had to get perfectly in between…..


See how close he came??? He only knocked one down! Giving him 45 points!!!!IMG_6875 IMG_6876 IMG_6883

I was so proud of him I could hardly take pictures….

Next task was to back up to this gate and get as close as possible without hitting it…

he tapped it and gained no points……

IMG_6891 IMG_6894

This next task is hard to notice… but he had to stop perfectly on a line, again without mirrors… most every truck driver didn’t score, and neither did Dennis, but that was ok! He did amazing anyway!IMG_6907 IMG_6924

The day passed, and he remained pretty calm before awards! It was a fun day, and I was happy to be there….

Dennis received third place in this 5 axle class!

IMG_6929 IMG_6930

He later received an award for completing his pre-trip perfectly!! He was the only one that got recognized! I was even more proud!


This team won the Team of the year for holding the highest average scores… UPS followed with only 10 points lacking!!! Maybe next year!!IMG_6947 IMG_6948

This guy won first place in his tanker class and will go to Philly for the Nationals. He had the sweetest wife!!!


This little boy talked to me for probably two hours on Saturday! Cute kid, and very very chatty!IMG_6984 



Thank you for getting up every morning and working for us! I love you and I take for granted too often your dedication to your company and your passion for God as you work for HIM each and every day, doing your job with excellence and glory for God. You are an amazing husband and a hard worker. I am thankful for you. You provide us a home, and food on the table and allow me to pursue an education, while serving as your wife. I consider myself lucky to have you, and blessed by God for giving me such a a gift. Thank You! I love you, and I cannot wait for you to get home from work….

Love, Your Wife…


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