Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mother/Daughter Get-A-Way


Mom and I took a trip to Pigeon Forge, TN for a day at Dollywood, and a show, and just some time to be together. . . i did not get to take any pictures really. It would have been really hard to take Mr. Canon to Dollywood. . . he would have kept me off water rides, and I would have worried about someone kidnapping him if I left it at the cubby part.. so we kept him at home. I did get this pic below with my cell phone…. :) Very busy day at the park!

GetAttachment.aspxIMG_7594   IMG_7661  I woke up Wednesday morning at about 7 with my arm killing me…… when mom and I were taking pillows off of the bed, we found this dead bug….  Mom said the bug gave me the motherload, but I wasnt too sure what that meant. … ?????? speaking of funny words.. we had some words for the couple days that we cackled at the whole time… they wont be funny to you, because you were not there… one of the words was motherload… IMG_7635IMG_7631 IMG_7632 (This was my nap that I took in between the park and the Miracle Show that we went to- ) I NEEDED IT. . I just basically lost it on the way back to the hotel… I was just OVER the day… brain was fried. . .IMG_7606 IMG_7609 IMG_7578

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