Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I want to be Her, Here.



Ok! So I just got done reading this blog called, “Bring the Rain” and I am sure that some of you have read it too, but.. I just finished. and I am pretty moved.

The lady said that after her trip from a foreign country, she said that she felt so yucky to be back in the daily grind because she felt so close to the Lord there, because she was doing things that felt more powerful in the grand scheme of things. She then said that she wants to be HER, HERE.

I thought that was profound. I often forget that we are here for more than just a time to live life day in and day out, go to bed, and be happy. This is MORE than that. She stated that she leaves the workers that pick up her trash a drink every time they come! Or pizza for helpers that fix things around her house. WHAT A DISPLAY OF GOD’S LOVE!

So, it will be my aim to be HER, HERE. The powerful woman that effects a happier day in the lives of people by being happy, offering a smile, asking someone’s name at Wal-Mart and actually trying to remember it, and just by displaying the love that I have for Christ for others.

There is no reason why we should blend in with the world. If we want to be her, here, JESUS MUST BE OUR OBESESSION.

It’s like my friend Kelly said, if we are filled with Christ, and the cup spills over, the spill will be Christ, BUT if we are filled with junk and no good, when the cup tips over, junk will spill.

I encourage you today to fill your cup up with Jesus Christ so when your mouth opens he spills out. . and when you act, he spills out.

Show  the love of Christ to people that don’t even know you.. and to the people that do.

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