Saturday, June 13, 2009

A good finish..



After spending two days in Lexington, Virginia for the annual State Championships for Truck Driving, I am happy to report that Dennis finished third place in his 5-axle class with a first place plaque for getting a perfect score on his pre-trip run through.

(For you non-trucker vacab people- a pre-trip is where they go through and find ALL defects in a truck from front to back, inside and outside) to be sure that the truck is safe to drive!!! He was the only one that received recognition for this achievement! I am so so proud. (I teased him and told him that his very detailed personality has finally come in handy, and made me proud, not angry!!)

I have TONS of pictures to post, but I just cannot get to them right now… I just wanted to show off my man for his wonderful work this weekend. :) Congrats honey, I love you!

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