Friday, May 8, 2009

Thursday & Friday!Goodbye Villages!



Well, today has been a very good day, yesterday was good, the ENTIRE trip was great. I was very glad to be here and benefited greatly from the time of relaxation!


Yesterday at the pool Betty spotted this bird that was eating this lizard! It was gross.. but the bird was in no hurry to swallow him. I had time to take this picture.


I had some fun taking pictures of Betty swimming.


I am ready for another round of a picture worth a thousand words!



Please take look at MY side of table: a water bottle to spray down the annoying love bugs, and to cool me down when I got hot.. sunscreen because my skin cannot take the full force of the sun, and IPOD that I borrowed because I am too cheap to purchase one, and my phone, and two books! A rather non-fiction read to say the least.


Then we have Betty’s side of the table. Tanning OIL because she can take in the full force of the sun… or well, sort of……

sun glasses, and IPOD that she OWNES, and a fiction Nicholas Sparks book!


How different we are! :)


Betty is taking a picture of herself to show her husband, Joe.

Today, Friday, we ventured to the other square. Two directionally challenged girls, out on the golf cart.. living on the wild side.




It’s been a very enjoyable day! Good bye Villages! I had fun with you Betty!

Be back tomorrow at 4- you guys- see some of you at the party tomorrow!


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Lana and Keith said...

Oh, Betty is such a cutie pie, Shannon, for some reason you were not in one single picture?? I am glad you both had a great time but I am even happier that you are coming home:)) I have missed you so much and cant wait to see you.. love mom...kiss kiss.. and be careful.

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