Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So Nice To Be Home..



it is so nice to be home. I have said that and I have said that.. but as pretty as the pool was, this picture captures more of my personality, and the feeling of home. (Thanks Mom for the beautiful homecoming flowers! :)

Ok.. So, just an update on every day life. I promise, promise, promise there is an amazing upcoming thing for this blog, but I am still breaking down all of the stuff in my head to make it like I want it. I have a few things in mind, but I think that I need to begin at the very beginning.. the Gospel. Over the next few weeks, I am going to talk about each component of the Gospel, and go all the way through it.

I am a little intimidated by this, but I am going to do it! I think that I am going to aim for the first post sometime by weeks end, and include lots of different avenues to get it across. I just wished that I could get excerpts from Nicks sermons on here somehow… anyone know the best way?

Also, I am starting school AGAIN on Monday for 5 weeks, and then I have a week off, and then another semester for another 5 weeks. Then I get a couple weeks in August before I start back again! (Shewww)

I have still NOT passed all of my tests to complete the program, and I must do that by June 30- or else I cannot continue. I am very nervous about that, obviously. I am going to be getting tutored by AnnaMarie and Kathleen, and maybe Erin Carroll, too. Thanks ladies for your help!

I am cleaning out all of my school books, and getting ready to go through the closets for the FREE SALE at church!

OH, OH, OH… mark your calendars family & friends for May 31, 2009 for our spring worship service. It is going to be GREAT!!!!

ok, I think that is all for now! Glad to be home!


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Erin said...

Shannon. I'm annoyed! This post is from Tuesday and it's now FRIDAY! Where's a new post?!?

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