Tuesday, May 26, 2009

NEXT 2009


What an amazing trip this weekend was. It was a great time to ride in the van and get to know Ben & Molly as a newly engaged couple, Kaitlyn & Shawn as a couple, Kaitlyn & Toph and Jonathan a little better. The rest of the group rode with Brett & Jody!

We had interesting conversation and played funny games, too! We were so excited to get there.

This picture is a pic of everyone coming down into the Main gathering place. 2500 people came to worship the One and Only Jesus Christ. What a small glimpse of heaven.

IMG_5734 We had lots of free time which was very very nice. We were neat the inner harbor in Baltimore, so we did quite a bit of walking. I took what pics I could even when it was oftentimes behind people. ;(IMG_5742 IMG_5743 IMG_5753 IMG_5756 I love this photo (Toph, Ben and Kaitlyn)IMG_5763 IMG_5764 (Shawn)IMG_5771 (Kaitlyn & Erin)IMG_5773 (Ben)IMG_5774 (Toph & Dennis)IMG_5776 I love this pic, because there is blurry people and a clear little family to the right… I am still amazed at this camera.IMG_5779 I took some pictures of Brett & Jody- IMG_5784 IMG_5786 IMG_5787 NOW…. THIS was a little bit exciting, the two pictures below. That morning we had heard D.A. Carson preach, and then we saw, D.A. Carson (left) Grant (the NEXT director) and Joshua Harris. (you can only see his head in the this one, but a fairly decent one of D.A.

(thanks to my zoom lens, I could get right in the middle of their lunch without actually getting in the middle of the their lunch!! he he. I was just a wee bit star struck.. only because God as richly blessed these men…)

IMG_5792 This one is better of lunch- do you think that he saw me taking pictures of him? I hope not, that is embarrassing.. they are just preachers! IMG_5803 Anyway---- after we continued on our way, we decided to go take a tour of some war ships- the one that we toured was in the Pearl Harbor when it was attacked…


This white ship was the one below. . . IMG_5811 IMG_5812 IMG_5830 We stayed at the Hilton Hotel which perfectly backed up to the Orioles stadium from the terrace pool deck which was super convenient when the had a game. IMG_5850 IMG_5851 This is the conference itself. It was super dark so I could not get really any decent pictures, but I will give you what I have.

IMG_5861 IMG_5869 This is Kevin deYoung author of “Just Do Something” and ‘Why we are Not Emergent”IMG_5903 Ok, so one of the main reasons that I originally wanted to come to this conference was to hear C.J. Mahaney speak, and so I took a picture of him… he is the bald guy in the middle of this picture below.. I was so happy! And he gave a great sermon that morning. I am still thinking about it. IMG_5906 Later that day, there was an actual baseball game so I caught some pictures of that……. LOVE my zoom lens. . IMG_5914 IMG_5915 IMG_5918 IMG_5928 And then some of Dennis…….IMG_5931 IMG_5934 IMG_5935

We heard Joshua Harris preach along with D.A. Carson, Kevin DeYoung, CJ Mahaney, and Sinclair Ferguson. (twice) Awesome men of God.

More on sermons later.

You can download them at NEXT.org

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