Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Children-Somewhat! :)


 Yesterday I received an email from my dear friend Lindsey! She has two beautiful babies, and one more on the way! (I am SOO excited!)

If something ever would happen to her and her husband, Dennis & I happily agreed to take them into our home and raise them as our own. so, technically….they are partly MY children! :) So, she emailed me this beautiful message on Mothers Day, and it meant more than I ever thought that it would to me:

“I wanted to drop a note to let you know how much your friendship to me means.  Knowing that you are our children's godmother is so special.  The comfort of knowing someone who loves the Lord so much would care for them in our absence means so much.  I'm trusting God will work all things for the good of you:)
Love in Jesus,

Bianca- she is almost 5 now!!

from old computer 177

This is one of my favorite pictures of her!!

It meant so much that she was thinking of me Sunday, because I was sure thinking about these sweet faces: from old computer 179 from old computer 225 from old computer 226  This is Bianca’s little brother Carter that is 2-

from old computer 234 from old computer 165 from old computer 166 from old computer 169 This is little Carter! :)

He is so cute. . . from old computer 223 from old computer 231

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She is going to find out what she is having this week! I cannot wait to find out. I am so grateful for her friendship, and I just love these little ones, even though I do not get to see them a lot. ;(

Maybe they will be coming in soon!

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