Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don’t Ask Him to Remind You to Love Him.

Ok, I have to confess something. This is more of a wife lesson, I suppose.

If you know me, than you know that I take the marital relationship very seriously. I want to live out my faith through my marriage, I think that is where it is directly applicable to display the love that Christ has for the church. I am to honor and respect him, and he is to love me. That is just the way that is.

Well, this post would be cute and cuddly so far, but I have to add in that I am a sinner, and that tends to complicate the marriage relationship a little bit. (Just a little bit :)

Wondering how Aquafina fits into this? I am getting there.

Dennis brings water to work with him every day, and he reuses the same bottles, leaving them to be filled up every evening. (here society, here is our contribution, recycling)

I usually fill them up.

and if it is looking like I have forgotten he will usually remind me to do it, or well, ask me if I were planning to do it or if he should. Most of the time, I gladly sign up for the task, even though standing in front of the sink for countless hours so far filling up water bottles is not my most favorite task… I do it because I love him.


I did not do it last night.

He did not remind me.

His fault right?

Standing in the kitchen this morning, he points out the obvious, and I am standing there like: “What are you talking about?” I forgot to do it. and I am wondering why we are talking about it. “Fill em up and go to work, I am thinking!

Well, I call him later to tell him that I was upset with him that he had to talk about it this morning.

Then, later on that day, I was talking to my friend Crystal.. (Love You Crystal Lawson) she reminded me that my husband is a HUGE acts of service guy……

and while I am trying to plead my case, once again, IT HITS ME:

I wanted my husband to remind me

to love him.

I know.. mistakes happen, and its really no big deal that I did not fill up the water bottles, and he lived, did not thirst to death,

but for me………….

it was not about the water bottles,

it was about the principle:

I do it all of the time:

I do not task special care to love him and remember his needs, that make him happy.

For me to hear and receive love, I need a kiss.

For him to hear and receive love, sometimes I just need to fill up water bottles!

Aquafina, Purity Guaranteed, eh?


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