Monday, May 4, 2009

Day Two-

 It has been a nice time so far. I mentioned to some of you that I had gathered a bunch of books-

and Might be wondering how come these blog pages are not full of things I have been reading.. It is coming! I have been reading a lot, but I am still thinking on it all, but it is coming.. So… scroll on down and be sure to check out the day two legs that I had pamper today..

day two 019 

Judy and I went on a long little ride today on the golf cart, but I did not bring my camera, so you missed the tour.. sorry! :)

day two 029 

day two 032 

Yesterday I burned my legs WITH sunscreen on in less than 2 hours…. ouchy….. so today I had to wear pants outside to keep them protected! :)

day two 041

So, day three legs will look the same tomorrow! :)

Boy I got up this morning and I was hoping that it absorbed over night, but I was still bright pink today!


hope you all are having a great start to the week. . .

Miss you mom!

-Dennis, you’re my man. give alliekitty a kiss for me.


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Lana and Keith said...

Good Afternoon My Baby Girl,
Oh my gosh that leg sure is pink!!! and underneath your knee cap concerns me..:((( I hope you are having an awsome time and I miss you toooo.. I hope you and Betty have a blast so tell her I said hello and you ladies be careful if you go out.. I love you sweetie..Mom...:)) love kiss kiss....

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