Sunday, April 5, 2009

Young Love is so refreshing…



Last night we went to Molly & Jacobs wedding!

It was such a nice treat for us. I sort of forgot that two people can be so in love that they cannot wipe the smile of their face, they cannot quit looking at the person, and two minutes away, is two minutes too long….

But I guess that is what wedding days are for…..

I love the newly married feeling! the feeling of: “I cannot wait to go home and fold your underwear!” or “I can sign my check, Mrs… such an such!” Yep… I remember it. I cannot believe that I could not wait to go home and get busy being a wife… now, I can barely find the motivation.

I thought I would make a great wife… and I was so excited. I am a good wife, but sometimes I lack in the areas that counts in Dennis’ book.

He really loves a clean house, and I really love to do it when I feel like it… not because he does. . . :)

We are newly married if you look at the big picture, but not one day old… and I kind of like this spot, its a very sweet time, but it has definetely sunken into reality. We can go two minutes without kissing each other!!! :)

We pray that God would be heavily glorified in their marriage, and that underwear would always be neatly folded and put away.. not waiting one whole week on top of the dryer!!!

Good luck you two!!!

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SMAXEY said...

Even after almost 18 years of marriage I too can remember that feeling.....I'm going to go neatly fold his underwear and put it away now instead of leaving it for him to do :)

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