Thursday, April 9, 2009

Urr Him!


from old computer 320

Ya know, I love who God has put in place of our body.. because he is straightforward, in your face and gives you the “way it is”

So, I guess I have to be honest and admit that it did not make me joyful when he smashed blogs last night in his sermon.. :( Claiming that they are “self-centered” and insisted that “instead of people talking about their life, they should live it!” (He is right!)

Although I am not going to quit blogging, I’m just not… (I like it..)

It did prompt me to think about “my motives” (Thank You Lisa, for the thought provoking comment)

I have wondered if I blog so people can say: “I love your blog…” or “you really have a talent…” or whatever. I like those comments…. and I love to hear them a lot…. and I like knowing that people care enough to read… or maybe they are just bored….

but to do a blog, it does take time. I do look at my ticker…. often….. and I like knowing that it increases in number everyday- which feeds my ego- Just SAYIN!…

So….there are a few things that need to change…

#1- Even though it pains me in my stomach- the ticker has to go! (a ticker counts my visitors)

#2- “The Followers”- Going! I love my followers, but I take too much pride in it.

#3- I follow “Not so God honoring blogs”- so that is going!

#4- I advertise “not so God honoring blogs”  (on my blog) and they are going! (Sorry friends!)

#5- and the widget at the bottom that shows me who comes, and how often…… GOING! :)

I know that God has been convicting me to make these changes, but I was too prideful…. so now I cannot escape it anymore…. they have to go!

So… I guess I am writing all of this to say…..

I want this blog to be God honoring…. and not about me…. or just about my like for higher ticks, or even about the comments, and not even just about photography…but about God, and his Son, Jesus Christ.

I have intentionally included this very real part of my life on this blog, and I plan to continue… so yes, you will get photography.. you will get funny pictures, and sometimes you will get random, meaningless information…. but I hope that you get fed, too! I hope that you get prompted to be a better wife or husband, or get to see the face of Jesus through the pen of Charles Spurgeon in my “Look Unto Me” sections, or learn how to be a better wife through the “Feminine Appeal” book- or excerpts from one of Nick’s sermons… or even through a donkey! (Me)…. but I do hope that you find it worth your time…..

Thank You for reading! And I am looking forward to glorifying God together… even through a blog…… without a ticker, and an ego feeder…… ;)

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