Friday, April 24, 2009

I love where we live


I love where we live, I do. I have been able to take some awesome pictures lately of God’s beautiful creation. I get to capture what I see only when I have Mr. Canon with me.. not to mention what I get to enjoy when I don’t have the ability to preserve that particular second in time.


So. Imagine how quickly Mr. Canon had to wake up and snap this……. I did not get this picture as clear as I wanted, but the plane was moving rather quickly!!!

IMG_4707 We had dinner last night at Shakers… and I loved all that I got see while I stood and waited. . . IMG_4710 After a few rounds of funny photos with mom, I chose to post this very good one of her……IMG_4716

And then we had this amazing view last night when we walked out of Shakers! I love where we live. .. Its beautiful….

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