Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Going to The Villages


It’s Wednesday and I only have 2 more days to go until I leave for my get away.. Party of 1.

If you are interested in this unique retirement community, go to their website:

I am super excited to have a few days by the pool, doing nothing but breathing all day… of course I am packing up all of my good books, my Holy Bible, the Pleasures of God by Piper, What is Reformed Theology and whatever else I can find in the library tonight.. all on top of an IPOD packed with worship songs from church that Shannon Maxey generously let me borrow!!! Thank You Shannon & Samantha!!! :)

I have two more exams this week, and then I will be done.

Friends, my husband will be here all alone and will be missing me.. please have him over to your house and feed him your scraps… :) He will enjoy anything. Really!

Oh, and I am seeing all your poll responses and I am currently trying to get him to write a post.. I am hoping that he will be coming up with something very soon…

As for blogging some of you have asked me if I will be keeping this up while I am gone.. answer is YES!! YES! YES!! I will be.. but it may look different because I use something on my computer to transfer pictures, and can watermark them etc, and unless I download that on their computer, my posts won’t look like normal.. so we will see…..

..AND.. I have been wanting someone to drop what they were doing and come with me to Florida.. not any of you could drop your life and go… BUT… I am THINKIN’ that maybe my friend Betty will be able to fly down.. but I am not sure… she does not know yet either… we will see… but if she cannot, I will be just fine sitting at the pool.. reading and listening to music.

Although I have not started relaxing from the hustle and bustle from school the past 4 months, I am seeing warm water at the end of the tunnel… and that is good… really good. . 

I think 6 days is a little long, but its the way that the airport schedule worked out that keeps me away for an awesome price! $29.00 per way..

***** BY THE WAY**************

if you have NOT received the email about Saturday, May 9- then LISTEN UP…

We have moved the time from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

My flight does not get me back in Roanoke until 4:00! So… if you show up at 3:00- party hard ALONE.. because Dennis will be picking me up from the airport!

(this party is for our Sunday School Class- )Children are WELCOME. Bring em’ on.. and bring a dish.. we are having hot dogs and hamburgers!! Dennis is doing the shopping in my absence.. So please call or email me and let me know if you will be coming so I can direct him properly! It is important!

Ok! Until Next time….


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