Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The First post about Sex!!



Can you believe it? Those of you that know me, I mean really know me, might find it ironic that exactly 208 posts since the debut of “The Maggi Two”  back in July, that I am JUST getting around to talking about sex!! :) Hang on tight ladies….. You need to hear this!

From the book of course, I give you the more eloquent words of Carolyn Mahaney!

“Gods grand design is that a husband and wife unabashedly enjoy sexual union within marriage, for His glory.” But because we are fallen man and women, sin has interrupted this beautiful union.

As husband and wife, we belong entirely and unreservedly to each other—my body is his possession, and his body is mine. We are to give ourselves without qualification and not withhold the pleasure of sex. The only exception to this rule is for the activity of prayer and then by only mutual agreement and for a limited time. 

As wives, we must heed this abomination and offer no excuses. One man has observed, “I’ve heard many excuses for not having sex- not in  the mood, headache, too tired, don’t have time. Prayer and fasting has never been one of them! :)

When we choose to obey God and give our bodies to our husbands- even if we don’t feel like it- God will reward us with pleasure.

One of the greatest gifts a person

can give his or her mate in marriage

is exclusive and exciting sex!

…. :) Hope everyone has an exciting Tuesday! Wink, wink… snort, snort!!!

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