Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dinner with my classmates. .

Tonight for dinner, I met some friends at Kobe, a Japanese Restaurant for dinner, and to celebrate Jessica’s birthday. I spend a lot of time with these ladies every week, and usually we are scrambling around trying to get work done, but tonight we just got to laugh about scenes in movies, and the cocky “seater” at our Praxis exam at 7:30a.m. this morning.

As you know, on the way I only bumped into a 1,000 amazing angles on the beautiful cloudy/sunny sky…. So, I took a picture of some rain drops on my windshield and some beautiful clouds as the backdrop.

IMG_4728 It was a nice dinner. we had a mean chef, though. He as not fun, and slightly rude…. but to give him the benefit of the doubt, we was surrounded by 8 pre-service teachers stressed beyond belief.. and needing a nice laugh or two.  IMG_4752 Please meet below, Kazia, and her husband, Patrick. Kazia and I work on a lot of things together… and usually the day before its due. Two procrastinators=trouble. IMG_4753 and Whitney…. IMG_4755 And Amanda, and ChelsieIMG_4756  And Alisha, who looks out for me tremendously through each semester. . . Thanks Alisha…IMG_4758 and some food………IMG_4760 and the meeny chef……….IMG_4762 Kelli made these AMAZING cupcakes. They were beyond delicious. They had strawberries and a dark chocolate gnosh in the middle. Mmmm……IMG_4764 And this is the the whole clan. IMG_4768 (above) from left to right, Whitney, Kazia, Chelsie, Kellu, Amanda, Jessica, Me, and Alisha on the very end.IMG_4770 (above) Kelli. She is the sweetest, and so much fun. (Thanks for the cupcakes!!!!)IMG_4771

And this was the sweet view home…. I cannot make my camera do it justice… So I guess I can stop boring you with the clouds…. or well, I will try!


Thanks Ladies for a fun night out!!!

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