Monday, April 20, 2009

Dialogues from The Maggi-Kennedy Emails Part Two


:) Are you ready again for some more Kennedy- Maggi emails?????

this conversation started out by working out some plans for Thursday.. then we ran into the “Dead Meat Night” on Thursdays.

that is what we are talking about. Enjoy, and laugh a little.

from old computer 2334  I found a dead possum today that I am bringing!

from old computer 1690 Oh, yea.?? Dennis beat you with freshly dead skunk, right off the side of the road! ';)

from old computer 2334 We can make skunk pancakes?

from old computer 1690No, possum jerky! with skunk juice to marinade in.

from old computer 2334 You read my mind! Have you ever had road kill squirrel roll ups with earthworm slaw? Mia will fix that the next time you guys come over.

from old computer 1690no. but I have had fried possum tails smothered in cow pie with a side of bird turd.

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Chelsie and Nicholas said...

Love your random conversations!


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