Friday, April 17, 2009

A Babysitting Friday


loder children  (this photo was taken by Bekka Loder on Easter Sunday- I borrowed this from facebook- Hope you dont mind Bekka- It is such a good picture)

Today I had the opportunity to watch Bekka &Jeff’s kids- Joey, Sydney, and Bradey!

Bradey spent most of the day playing outside on this beautiful day, and Sydney and I hung out with Joey watching The Love Bug, and playing! I brought my camera for the occasion, but I did not bring the cord to put the pictures on. ;(

So far, its been an enjoyable day with the Loder children.


On a more serious note….

I have had a VERY busy week at school, and feel very overwhelmed and keep a headache all of the time because of the things with school. I am so hoping that once this is finished that I will be able to Home-school other peoples’ children until God blesses us with our own.

Radford University is a great teaching college. I can see why they are great, but they have taught me a lot about public education that I just do not like and do not want to be apart of. Of course, God has a greater plan, and whatever he wants for me, or has planned for, I will do…. but I am really hoping public education is not in his plans for me.

I do know that I will be a good teacher, I know that is what I am good at.. I like photography, but I am not rich enough to even get that started. It seems like to me that you have to have money to make money.. and that is just not an option….

Teaching is not one of the highest paid positions, but I am hoping to supplement our income no matter which avenue God would have for me.

I want to be able to move to another house one day, but I also do not want to have to choose between a fancier home and being at home! – It is not worth it to me to be strapped to a home that I cannot even spend most of my time at. I have dreamed of enough space in a basement to have a small little “classroom” if I home-school. That would be so cool.. I get to teach, be my own boss, and stay at home… its the best of both worlds. . . Isn’t it?

So… that is what has been on my mind this week… I think that it may have contributed to my writers block this week- so I thought that I would not let it interfere any longer, and go ahead and spill it!!

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