Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sweet Little Love

Today I went to see my Nanny & PawPaw. My time with them is always well spent. I enjoy it. . .


Every evening right before they go downstairs for dinner, Nanny ALWAYS combs his beard, and then fixes his clothes WHILE he walks down the hall in his walker… :) It is SO adorable…. :) I think that I have a couple pictures of her doing this… Mr. Canon refuses to stay at home when he knows I am heading to Nanny & PawPaw’s



Ahh… I just LOVE these two! IMG_3451 IMG_3453 Later On… I went to see my dads mother…. I called her earlier in the day and arranged a dinner date… (when I make this hour drive, I make the most of my time…)

My uncle Chad owns this business. I did not know it  until we were practically here but he followed me all the way through Clifton…


We talked at dinner and then I came over and we spent another hour or two chatting about memories from childhood and stuff… it was fun…… I had a great Wednesday off!

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