Wednesday, March 11, 2009



It seems a little early, but we have flowers in bloom outside… This reminds me of a different season of my life, just one year ago.

One year ago, I was NOT in school.. I was working at the Child Development Center and then working part time at the Shaffer’s. I was eagerly awaiting the possible pregnancy that could take place…. I was stress free, happy, and content with life. We were praying about putting our house on the market that one come to pass in the middle of April… IMG_3290 The Spring months passed, and then came early summer………IMG_3293Then things changed!!!! But this Spring time feeling, and the smell of the air and the spring display reminds me of a sweet time…..IMG_3299

This Spring is evidence that God moves and works according to HIS plan, and not mine. If things were my way… I would be a mommy 2x by now.. I would be a stay at home mom in a new (to us) house….

Instead.. the house did not sell, we did not get pregnant, and I am in school…. one year closer to my teaching license. I have been abruptly taken out of my comfort zone, and introduced to another aspect on life.

God has moved in our life according to HIS perfect plan, and not mine. He has my good at heart, and has seen to it that his plans work.

I am certain that we have some cold days ahead still, and Spring isn’t here to stay for good.. but boy, have I sure loved the smell of life only one year ago.


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