Friday, March 13, 2009

A Picture Story


from old computer 129

It was our third anniversary….  it started out pretty rocky I think. (hence the tissues) and it was probably over money (hence the back up debit card) and It was a morning that I was horribly upset because there are waffles still on my plate… (Dennis’ are gone.. that let’s you know that whatever happened that morning only affected one of us to the point of eating no breakfast.)

We were technically still eating healthier because there was “healthy” bread that is in the red bowl…. I got over that… (now we eat Natures own honey wheat)….

He bought me something on our anniversary, and I didn’t buy him anything. (hence the pink flowers)…..

It ended well, that day… but it did not start out so good. On special holidays I always get emotional.. and I am so thankful that I took a picture of this morning because ONE PICTURE can say SOO much………


I will be gone for the weekend…. SO… check back Sunday night with LOTS AND LOTS of GREAT pictures of us while we sat at the feet of KING JESUS!

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Claire said...

A picture really does share a thousand words....


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