Thursday, March 5, 2009

Look Unto Me



Dennis and I found this great devotional at Books-A-Million much to our surprise. Actually, we gave away what was supposed to be HIS copy a couple of times as gifts right before Christmas.  I gave you yesterday an excerpt from what he wrote on February 27. It will be hard for me to not write something every day from this devotional. I get that some of you are picture people, and do not even read the post if it is not packed with pictures, but I know someone of you want some water for your soul.. (Not that you should rely on my blog for that! :) For not only is it great for you to read, it is great for me because I get to type the devotion completely over which leaves me thinking of great and mighty things before bed. Get a copy, you will LOVE it. Love it!



So you know, my minds-a-brewin about how I am going to set up the big reveal on how we are going to have another: “WIN A PHOTO SHOOT CONTEST!” I am not sure how we are going to do it, but WE ARE… I internally thought that as long as ten people were interested in it, we would do it! We have 7 voters ready to go! Am I going to be strict with it, or am I going to oblige the 7 excited souls so far??? I don’t know.. but you 7 better be ready to do whatever it takes!!!! (I won’t ask you to give up your first born or nothing, so RELAX!)  Let’s see if 3 or 4 more people are willing… don’t vote twice to trick me!!!!!

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Chelsie and Nicholas said...

Hey girl- I was going to send you an email but I apparently don't have your email address saved. I figured out how to do the three-column thing. This one website was super helpful so go there and just do exactly what she says.

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