Monday, March 16, 2009

Renown 09


This weekend was a GREAT weekend. I have never laughed to hard and cryed so passionaletly in the same weekend much less day. :) I cannot wait to share with you what I learned, but first I must give up Mr. Canon’s creations.

IMG_3316 This is Registration on Friday night. IMG_3317 IMG_3319 IMG_3321 IMG_3323 

These guys are waiting for the Lake Bowen kids from South Carolina to get here…….IMG_3327 IMG_3332 IMG_3333 Still Waiting……IMG_3334 IMG_3335 IMG_3340 Finally they got here.. and we could get started…IMG_3346 IMG_3348 IMG_3349   IMG_3350 

Oh Man.. what God had in store for us. The Holy Spirit was moving and Christ was ready to be exalted!!!!



I was a home leader at my moms house. I had Jeneal, Carly and Maddie.. plus for one night we had a girl named Samantha….


Mr. Canon did not see the light of day on Saturday night because I was so busy…. but he made it out Saturday night….


Carly slept while… Kyndall (My brothers girlfriend/wife to be) sang on her guitar.


Maddie sang with her. Maddie has a beautiful voice!!!!!


Jeneal finally gave it up and went on to sleep…….


Right after Maddie started to sing like the Jonas Brothers.. Mr. Canon was not on his best performacne in this pic, but it was too funny to leave out. . .


So.. she got up and used her water bottle as a microphone.. and made us laught hyserically… I mean, the ones that were still awake.


I was so happy to get to know Maddie.. she is a funny funny girl. . . .



We had a great weekend. I cannot express it enough in this post.. but keep look out for some of the breakouts and stuff. It was AMAZING!

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