Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good Morning O’ Sinner

I give you these words from the pen of Charles H. Spurgeon:

….. the coming wrath. Matthew 3:7

It is quite pleasing to our senses to walk through the countryside shortly after a rainstorm to smell the freshness of the grass just after the rain has stopped and to observe the pure drops of rain glistening like clear diamonds in the sunlight. And that is  the place of a Christian. He is traveling through a land where a storm has vented its furry upon the Savior’s head, and if there are a few drops of sorrow still falling, they are distilling from clouds of mercy, while Jesus assures him the rain is not intended to bring about his destruction.

Yet how unnerving it is to witness a terrible storm approaching- to see the warning signs such as birds drooping their wings for protection, cattle keeping their heads low in fear, the sky growing black and blotting out the sun, and the heavens seemingly becoming sad and angry! How fearful it is to experience the approach of a tropical hurricane- to wait in terrible anticipation of the wind’s full fury and force, powerful enough to rip trees up with their roots, force huge rocks from their foundations, and quickly destroy people’s homes!

Sinner, that is your present position. No hot drops have yet fallen on you, but a shower of fire is coming. No fierce winds are yet howling around you, but God’s tempest is gathering its fearful artillery. Thus far the floods of water have been dammed up by God’s mercy, but soon the floodgates will be opened. God’s thunderbolts are still in his storehouse, but beware! The fearful storm is coming and how awful will that first moment be once God, robed in vengeance, finally marchers forth in fury!!

Where- Where- Where, O sinner,

will you hide yourself? Where will

you flee? Oh, may the hand of

God’s mercy lead you even now to


He has been freely set before you in the gospel- His pierced side is your rock of shelter. You know you need Him. So why not believe in Him and cast yourself upon Him?

Then the fury of the storm will be gone for eternity!

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