Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dennis is Ordained and We got SNOW in the Same Day! God is Good.

Today my husband accepted a position of servanthood in our church. I remember the very first time I heard that they were going to ask him to be deacon. Honestly, I thought that it was a big mistake and he was just not ready. What a year God has used. What a year that he has used to shape my husband. Not to say they he/we are perfect, only Jesus Christ himself is that, but boy has he challenged my leader to step up.


To start off the morning, Marshall (above) is talking with the men in the Deacon’s meeting. I don’t normally see Marshall in there so it was a special treat to see him in there from the men. (I took these from the outside, excuse the window frames)


It is an absolute honor and privilege to sit under this man’s leadership and servanthood. He is our pastor. He is a brilliant man of God, and is so faithful to lead, bringing us the Word of God in its entirety every single week, twice!

Thank You Nick if you are reading this. You will NEVER know how far God has used you in the lives of all the people that you have ministered to.


This is Nick giving a description of the deacons, and elders, and wives. After reading the description he asked us if we would faithfully carry out these commandments and I thought that it was interesting that we had to say: ‘I do” We are truly a church body. Connected and Interwoven as One. It was a beautiful moment in time for a variety of reasons.


Crystal Martin graciously took pictures while doing this since I stood by my husband in the front.


Again, everyone listening to Nick up front.


And more praying. Thank You to everyone who prayed for us in this new journey.


I contemplated my life up there.. just rolling through my dreams, aspirations, and I thanked God above that instead of all of the other things that I could be doing at 23 years old, he has elected that I hold the hand of my husband at his deacon ordination ceremony. God, If you hadn’t plucked me from the pit of hell, I would have never chosen this life for myself, Thank You.


My Man. Anyone notice that 50 pounds of facial hair is gone??


The Cross of Christ… and all his people gathered for food below……


Thank You Charles & Sandra for joining us for service and lunch.


The whole group minus me! :) at the Homeplace. .


Thanks Amber & Nick.


Two best friends since childhood…. Thank You Barbara for coming in from Florida for this memorable day!


Ya’ll picture people are NEVER going guess how I pulled this one off. First, what you are looking at is me. I have my back turned to the snow and taking a picture of my refection in the door, that also reflects the snow!!! :)

God had a display in store for us this day:







Thank you all for coming! It was a day that we will not soon forget. :)

Love- from Dennis & Shannon

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