Saturday, March 7, 2009

The daily dialogues from the Kennedy-Maggi emails

I have just got to share this hilarious exchange of emails Pat Kennedy and I have been sending each other. We have been doing this for two days, and I just laugh hysterically every single time I open up an email!

To set this up for you, let me tell you how this got going. I have been helping him with his blog for his practice… and in communication with it we had been emailing all of this stuff 20 times a day back and forth and back and forth. . So yesterday morning (Thursday morning) I get this very first email: and it just snowballed from there…. So for two days Pat and I have been sending these emails about NOTHING….

I hope that you enjoy this as much as I have. (I don’t know how long we are going to keep this up, but this is most recent exchange!!) ENJOY!

from old computer 2349  Is it done yet?

shannon websshot You  know that they are cutting down a tree outside my office window today??? Just thought that I would let you know!

from old computer 2349Well I ate oatmeal!

Snapshot_20090228_1Oh yea, well my feet are cold.

from old computer 2349 Well I would never intentionally stick a sharp pin under my fingernail

shannon websshotechinoderms have spiny skins...

 from old computer 2349 Perms smell

shannon websshot ear wax can be yellow or orange

from old computer 2349Last time I went to Florida the sun was was hot...real hot and at night the sun went down

shannon websshot so! That doesn't mean I can't like apples!!!!

from old computer 2349 So ears continue to get bigger as you age

shannon websshot That has nothing to do with thick toenails!


from old computer 2349 Well if you are going to teach our next generation you might as well know that toenails do not have anything in common with a person's eye color.

shannon websshot you are right, that is why I like peanut butter

from old computer 2349 Speaking of peanut butter my favorite car is the BMW 525 i.

shannon websshot yea I am totally into pink candles too.

from old computer 2349 Like that has anything to do with the survivors being buried in mass graves after the train wreck

shannon websshot Are you serious? I had no idea that dinosaurs did not poop!

:) You might be just glaring at your screen trying to figure out what the heck you have just been reading… I don’t blame you. Dennis does not get the humor either but I am a huge fan of random information!!!! Hope you laughed a little. . . .


Chelsie and Nicholas said...

I like "echinoderms have spiny skin" School really pays off, huh?

PS- Love the three columns :) Guess you figured it out!

MrsShelor said...

Um - that was the most hilarious thing I've read in quite a while - thanks! :)

Suzanne said...

This exchange may well be the most illuminating and entertaining thing I have ever read on the Internet!

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