Sunday, March 22, 2009

8 Seconds… Or pretty close…..

 Crystal, Billy, Dennis and I went to the Professional Bull Riding Show on Friday as you saw from the last post. It was so much fun, but was very painful to watch at times. . . On the way there I was taking advantage of the evening light.. so there are some random pictures before we actually reached the Civic Center.

IMG_3457 IMG_3459  Once there…. I enjoyed thoroughly the cowboys.. and their lifestyle.. It fascinated me….IMG_3475 These next pictures are painful to look at because there is so much blur…. but I tried hard to get a certain look in these pictures but it just was not working out……IMG_3538 I like this one below…. IMG_3545 IMG_3562 

This picture below is pretty interesting… I took these pictures in the continuous shooting mode, and I captures this guy in mid air as he was being bucked off, but he is not clear… :( (nathan where are you when it counts??)IMG_3581 IMG_3634 

Did you see that??? Go back and look at that previous picture.. this guy got bucked off, and then hit his head on the fence right before this bull got him too… (Again, excuse the blurry nature…)IMG_3635  This guy got knocked out.. and just layed there…IMG_3637 and laid there……….IMG_3638 and laid there……….IMG_3639 and laid there… (all while trying to keep the bull off of him)


And then as he was coming back around… the bull was on his way…..

anyway.. that was all in a matter of a few LONG seconds.. (remember I was continuous shooting..)





We had a good time…. :)


Saturday I went to North Carolina to Concord Mills to shop… I HAD A BLAST.. but I did not take pictures.. Hopefully Lisa will have pictures up soon and you can take a look at her blog… ;)

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