Monday, February 23, 2009

Winterplace 2009

We went snow tubing Saturday. We had a lot of fun!! Check out these pictures. Obviously since I was busy trying not to fall with every step I made waiting in line…. and dodging snow ball from snow ball fights  going up the conveyer belt, and then screaming my head off when I went down the slope backwards passing gas the entire way down laughing my butt off drifting down the snowy slope….

I couldn’t take pictures of the action outside, but I did manage to get some pictures…. So enjoy our man-made snow of a day….


I took the photo above on the way to Winterplace. I loved the curvature of the bridges!


This is something Dennis actually noticed on our way to the Lodge to check in..


This above is the ski slope… I was expecting something much different than this, but it was very fun…… I found that the first lane was the fastest.


MaryLynn above made snacks for everyone and stayed near our things because she has a hurt arm…

IMG_2668 Thanks Nathan & Erin for getting this trip together for us…




Jerry our Sunday School Class teacher (above)


Candid Photo of Aaron Fernandez…


Above is the Ski Lifts.. I am NOT going to be trying skiing anytime soon!!! Or EVER….


Scott (above)


Chris & Crystal (above) We got to know them pretty well this trip…. great people.


Prissy ol’ Matt!! (above)

IMG_2702 Conner.


Shannon & Samantha (above)IMG_2710

Another close up shpt of snow tubes…


Funny story here… but basically this is Aaron Fernandz pinching Outback! Let him tell ya whats so funny…..

We had a great trip.. I was very tired when we got back in… but it was a wonderful day away… :)


Chelsie and Nicholas said...

I've decided I need to go snow tubing because I keep hearing about how much fun it is! Amanda just went last month and she liked it too! I may have to adventure outside of my comfort zone and try it out...... MAYBE!

Anonymous said...

thanks for taking the pictures shannon. af

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