Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a nice Christmas. A REALLY nice one. Mom always does such a good job making sure that everyone gets a nice Christmas. I would have posted pictures from Christmas Eve, but I did not take a lot, and the ones that I did take are not good, at all. Maybe I can edit them to be worthy! (Maybe!)

I worked super hard to get photos from Greg and Kyndalls wedding packaged and to her in time for Christmas.

This is the package.

Greg did a marvelous job thinking of that gift. She opened it up and really liked it I think.

IMG_7812 IMG_7814 

Later on, we went to visit my paw paw. Christmas has been different the past two years, and this proved no different. We crammed in a room in a nursing home this year to be with him. We didn't care where we were, just so we could be together. IMG_7819 IMG_7839 IMG_7841 IMG_7870 IMG_7880 

These photos (above and below) are my two favorite photos that I took all day. They are just soooo sweet to one another, and I hope that my marriage becomes just so sweet and nothing I would ever take for granted. IMG_7894 IMG_7913 IMG_7919 

This picture below is funny. Everyone is pinching their skin to see how old everyone is. Paw Paw used to tell mom when she was little that if you pinch skin on your wrist, if it snaps back quick, you are young, if its slow you are old. Its a fun thing to do, I suppose. It was fun to photograph, IMG_7944 

I am guessing that the pain meds kicked in and PawPaw was rocking out with Megans pink guitar! :)IMG_7956 IMG_7980


A Gift to Mom



This Christmas I put two really neat photos of my PawPaw in a nice frame and gave them to her for Christmas.

She really loved them. I was sooo happy to be able to do that for her. It will remain so special to us for so long.


Love you Mom.

Love You PawPaw for being worth photographing and treasuring


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Let is SNOW…. but not too long….

 Let it snow. Let it snow. Let is snow. BUT let it melt before Monday. I NEED to Christmas shop and this girl does not travel in the snow,


Speaking of, It caused me to remember the snow we had last weekend when I took William & Suzie's pictures. These are some that I took as I was leaving.

I think we might be getting dumped on. Woohoo….

but I have ZERO presents to give, so please let it melt.

IMG_7571 IMG_7573 IMG_7575 IMG_7578 IMG_7584 


BAD BAD Photography but celebrating the birth of Christ

Beware: this post has all unedited photos, and contains some blurry images. View at your own risk

OK…. so, last weekend we worshipped and worshipped and worshipped the birth of Christ in our Christmas musical. And since Dennis and I were in it we could not take pictures of the adults. BUT…. Mr. Canon came out for some children!

IMG_7605 IMG_7607 IMG_7611 IMG_7613 IMG_7616 IMG_7619 IMG_7628 IMG_7631 IMG_7632 IMG_7635 IMG_7636 IMG_7639 IMG_7640

I love it. I had such a good time, and I was so proud of the children for beautiful singing.

Airing Dirty Laundry

You may have heard that it is not polite to air your dirty laundry. I guess you are definitely not supposed to blog about it. I have been SWAMPED with school work the past 10 days, and I have done NOTHING.


I have NOT let Dennis do laundry, well, MY LAUNDRY because it seems that every time a boy does the clothes, there are always items that end up in the washer that should NOT be, OR ends up in the dryer… or ink stains…… or shrinkage, or…… Well, not like any of that has EVER happened, here. Of course not. (By the way, nail polish remover will ink stains out of your dryer, and some fabrics, it you get it quickly…..)IMG_7658 

So, now that the semester is over. . . Shannon gets to be just wife, and launderer, and cook, and maid, and all of that fun stuff. Hey, I'm glad to do it. . .

And I think good ole dennis needs a round of applause for dealing with this horrific office, and taking care of me the past few days. IMG_7659

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Bollings-

I had the coolest privilege before Thanksgiving to take the Bolling Family's Christmas card pictures. We had quite an adventure together. It was fast paced, and fun. I adore these children, they are soo cute and again, very photogenic. Mom & Dad are ok, too! :)

Enjoy! :)

IMG_6990 (4) IMG_7014 (3) IMG_7022 (3) IMG_7037 (6) IMG_7046 (2) IMG_7070 (2) IMG_7077 (2) IMG_7130 (4) IMG_7150 (4) IMG_7157 (3) IMG_7164 (6)

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