Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Anyone interested in my knitting progress??

Well after a night and morning of unraveling, starting over, cutting, redoing, and a tiny bit of mumbling under my breath, I present to you the practice piece that is my first knitting job, that will stay on the tree as long as it does not collapse... and now I begin something I hope actually looks good.So, Without further ado...


I know how to crochet, but I find that it takes a LONNGGG time to do, and the needle is small. I find that knitting is more fun. Nanny... you wait.. I am on my way soon so we can master this together!!!!

Christmas Day Birthday 102

I got her a knitting set too!!! She better be practicing. . I hear that she is!!!! :)


The object on the needle is the new project.

Canon can make Groceries Beautiful!

Today I had a busy day.. I went to the grocery store and stocked up all the things that we have been needing. I took some photos of them when I unloaded them at home! But the POINT of tonight's post is because I have taught myself to knit by watching YouTube videos over and over. I am still getting the hang of it.






This is the yarn. I think I bought TOO big of needles. As a gift to my Nanny, I bought her knitting needles. She taught me how to crochet, and I plan to teach her to knit... as soon as I learn how anyway!


I promise that the random pictures just playing with the camera will end soon enough.... it is a lot of work to post pictures of Vegetable oil! :) Just bear with me, I am still fascinated by new toy!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I CANNOT stand the 700 Club. And TODAY I had it topped off for sure that I do not like, do not support, cannot stand, wish it didn't exist!! It is a TERRIBLE TV show under the label: "Christian television" MY FOOT!!

The thing that gets me is that they have this news section that this other character reports, and then they flash the camera to brilliant ol' Pat Robertson that gives his worthless two cents.. and he talks politics and fixes the worlds problems... why isn't HE president???? His voice even grates on my nerves. I would rather watch Lamb chops "The song that never ends" than hear his annoying voice.. but ANYWAY!..... so they have this political bit that relates NOTHING to Jesus... BUT TODAY... TODAY........ Can you believe this.... TODAY... I walked into Pat & Mia's and the 700 club is on. One of the members, I think the son, that does the show sometimes started to lead people in prayer.

No joking this is what he said:

with a fake squinty eye, he says: "Jesus, IF YOU ARE REAL.... PLEASE COME INTO MY HEART!"

Are you kidding me??? IF YOU ARE REAL!!!!

THAT DID IT FOR ME! I don't know about you, but that makes me MAD.
I know that A LOT of people like the stories or testimonies on there, and that is fine... but I CANNOT AND WILL NOT support a "CHRISTIAN" Tv show that starts a prayer out like: "Jesus IF you are REAL!" C'mon, people!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!

On Friday, December 26, 2008 I turned 23 years old!!! :)

We celebrated by Dennis taking me to Build-A-Bear!!! It was such a GREAT gift! I had so much fun!! I created a little puppy dog named Layne. He is here below. He is the cutest thing, and I love sleeping with him!

Christmas Day Birthday 181 

Allie likes him too! I caught them snuggling together the other night. I think Harper might be replaced!




Then we went to Texas Steakhouse and had dinner. I always love a good steak after Christmas food! It is SO good. Some of my family and Dennis' family joined us.. and Erin & Nathan too! Thanks for joining us everyone...

Christmas Day Birthday 186


Christmas Day Birthday 192


Christmas Day Birthday 185


Christmas Day Birthday 191


Christmas Day Birthday 190

Then Mom & Keith gave me another great gift. These are some earrings to go with my Smokey Quartz collection that they have been building on the past three birthdays!! I started out with a ring that I wear ALL THE TIME, and then a bracelet last year, and now earrings!!! It is a GREAT tradition for me!! :) 


Thanks EVERYONE my Birthday was wonderful!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day 2008


After we woke up on Christmas morning, we got up and went to Paul & Jill's for an afternoon gift exchange, and lasagna! We enjoyed the time with his parents very much. As I did with Christmas Eve, I have created a Montage of Christmas Day! You will see the entire day in this montage. Please take a look! After Paul & Jill's, we drove to Clifton to see my grandparents and all of my aunts & uncles, etc. It was the first Christmas Day that we didn't get together at my Nanny & PawPaw's farm. It was a change, and I trust that we will all adjust to the new tradition, but it was very different. We received great gifts this Christmas Day. We got money that we desperately wanted for our new camera... and I got an awesome purse set thanks to Martha, and a Mandolin from my mom!!! It is basically a cheese grater.. but I was layin bed the other night wanting one.. so it was a wish granted! She got us many other great gifts. I will reveal one of them for my Birthday tomorrow! I am getting better at accepting gifts.. it has not always been easy for me. Thanks TO EVERYONE who gave us gifts.

Christmas Day Birthday 002

Dennis and I had great discussion in the car about Christmas and how we really did not celebrate and reflect and worship for his birth on Christmas Day, and how it was filled with tradition, and traveling.. LOTS of traveling and rushing.. and why it didn't feel wrong. We figured out that we worshipped, celebrated and reflected on his birth on the nights that we had the Christmas concert at Church in the middle of December. I remember Nick saying once that the "Christmas Spirit is Worship" and we Worshipped and had Christmas on December 13 and 14th! Not December 25 contrary to the Calendar! Anyone have a problem with that??

Christmas Day Birthday 048

I am aware that these are power lines, but they looked like crosses to me on Christmas day! I choose to think that it is not an accident!! ;)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve

 Christmas Evemorn 08 daddy 039

We had a great Christmas. We enjoyed the time spent with our families. Just as a boredom saver, I have made a Montage of Christmas Eve so that those of you who care to see the pictures taken December 24, 2008 can take a look! AND... to keep you all from blogger overload, I have decided to tackle one day at a time for the next couple of days.. so by Tuesday you will have been informed how our entire Christmas + Birthday went! Please take a look! (If you are reading this moments after this post, the montage may not be up yet... it takes quite a bit of time to create one of these.. just be patient.. it will be there! ) Thanks to Greg for taking awesome pictures, and thank you Sheila for the hand-stitched gift!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Rush is through


Spaghetti night dec 23 019

Tonight we had Paul, Jill, Katlyn, Cole, Richie & Judy over to our house tonight for Spaghetti. I won't post all of the pictures.. but I will give a sneak peek as to some little Holiday Treats that some of you may be receiving. I have shopped, wrapped, and stuffed these cute little bags with some unknowns.. at least for a little while longer anyway. I feel like I have not had the time to enjoy the season. It is sooo stupid that I get wrapped up with gifts, and tape, and boxes, tissue paper, list and stuffers for these little bags that I won't enjoy Christmas music but two more days... I think that I am in Season DENIAL! Why can't this last just a little longer. I am simply not through sitting in my living room with the Christmas tree.. simply not through with the decorations in my home that make it look warm and inviting. I am NOT through.. do you hear me December??? Do you? Add a week to the month, PRONTO!

Seriously.. It has gotten away from me... but I am excited that in the next two to three days... I will be with family, and get to eat some great food. For me, Christmas is a three day event. Christmas Eve I spend it with my Dad's side of the family... Christmas Day is a mixture between Dennis' family, My mom's side of the family, and then just my mom and Keith for our gift exchange pretty late in the evening. THEN we usually get together on my birthday.. whoever it may be... usually friends mixed in. I have not decided where I want to eat this year. If you want to join us, call me! :)

Anyway.. I am going to bed now. I guess I should add one more photo of a Christmas scene in my house.

Spaghetti night dec 23 027

By the way.. I have not forgotten that Jesus' birth is the reason why we have Christmas. I ponder this great happening all year around.. and I think that is the way that it should be. Christmas is also very world absorbed, and it has LOST its meaning. I am currently praying over a way to weed out the world in our Christmases, but I have not figured out how to do it. Any ideas, friends???

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It was worth the Dirty House... I think.

With relief and excitement,  I present to you my grades for the Fall 2008 term. I have worked super hard, and have been up MANY late late nights, but I have finished well. This sad part is that I got a "B" in the easiest class I had this semester because I was absent twice! :) I won't get annoyed, I will celebrate the grades as a whole.

So, celebrate with me this achievement along with Christmas, and my birthday on Friday!!! This IS a great week!


my grades 004


my grades 006


my grades 002

A long day of shopping and some snapshots!

Today I picked up Ava & Gracie from school and we went shopping!

Apparently, they were tired and we had not even gotten started!

dec 22 003

dec 22 001

Of course being super excited about my new camera, I took the opportunity to take some pictures while I waited for my lunch to arrive.

dec 22 005

I love this pic of Gracie!

dec 22 007

Dennis' parents are in town for Christmas until Monday, so we went to Paul & Jill's house to see them. And of course, I brought my new toy to play with it!

dec 22 012


dec 22 013

dec 22 016

Katlyn & Cole..

dec 22 019

Judy (Dennis' mom)

dec 22 023

Paul & Cole. I also really love this pic as well.

dec 22 024

Later on I was putting together some little christmas things and this is what I found..

some mischief going on....

dec 22 025

but before I fussed and shooed away the animals, I took some time to

with my new camera!!!!

dec 22 026

cats are always ugly in pictures.. but not my Allie Kitty... my new camera makes everything look beautiful!!! :)

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Sleeping, Working. Husband

In the other room, I have a sleeping husband.
I have been pretty irritable lately. I have not been feeling normal, not rested, and not talking and walking with the Lord like I should be. He has been annoying me, but doing his duty as my husband to hold me accountable.
I complain about his ways...
but, I have a sleeping husband in there who loves me.
He is attracted to me, even when I could convince him that he shouldn't be because of extra weight, and other things I will spare you.
He wants his cold, scratchy feet to touch me at night,
and I pull away so I can feel him move closer to find me.. yes, even when he is sleeping.
He talks random things to me while he is sleeping.
I don't answer so I can hear him go:
It makes me smile.
My sleeping husband is one of a kind
the man that GOD has given me as a gift.
Yet.. I could give you 100 pet peeves of mine that he does faithfully.
I won't mention them...
Sometimes when I think about how much I love him I could cry
because I am a sentimental mushy mess..
other times I am completely unaffected..
But tonight as I think about my sleeping husband,
I feel feelings of warmth and adoration, gratefulness, thanksgiving,
He is THE
sure way to bring out in me my worst,
but often times my best.
My sleeping husband is waiting for my leg to put his scratchy feet against,
I guess I should accommodate.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary for the Next 5! You've Got a Camera!

Dennis and I purchased a camera. I have been waiting for one of these for years! We finally went ahead and did it. I couldn't be any more excited. SO... to show you the difference between my rinky dink camera phone and my new Canon Rebel XSI, here are some former photos matched with the newer ones!



new camera samples 001

Shannons ornament

new camera samples 004

I am kind of impressed that my little camera phone did so well... it's really not bad!!

Build A Bear

Saturday Crystal and I went to the mall for a little while... She took the girls to Build A Bear. It was SOO much Fun! I wanted to build a bear myself.. but I restrained from giving into my playfulness side, and helped Ava create hers! I am going to email Crystal the pics that I took, and you can look for those at her blog! It was a fun day! Thanks girls for the great afternoon.

After I got home Dennis and I joined Paul, Jill & the kids to dinner, and then we went shopping for "other" people. We ended up at Ritz Camera to buy my camera! :) I am SOOO excited.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Engagment Day

This is New York City, of course. July 16, 2004 in fact. Dennis proposed to me from view on top of the Empire State Building that day! We went with a lot of his family. I love the memory... It was a hott day in July, I was looking like a tourist.. with my beloved David Letterman T-Shirt and my "I love NY" hat. (I really do not love New York!) Dennis went to great lengths to sneak up my beautiful ring through all of the security! (Post 9-11) It was a great day! Ok, Gotta go my ride is here!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Why We put Lights on the Christmas tree.

'The First Christmas Tree Lights'

It was a cold winter's afternoon in the dense German forest. Martin Luther did not notice the sun slowly setting and the sky growing dark. His thoughts were on the sermon he was preparing. The forest soon came alive with the night sounds of owls, wolves, and other wild creatures.

Martin Luther shivered. He pulled his cloak tighter around his shoulders. Then he quickened his pace, saying a little prayer for comfort as he went.

How did Christmas tree lights come about? This delightful story explains the origin of this custom.
© 2006 Publications International, Ltd.

The forest grew darker. Martin Luther scurried along, continuing to pray that he would not cross paths with a wild animal. He glanced up to see the night sky filled with tiny pricks of light, twinkling blue and silver. What could they be?

"Stars!" Martin Luther said suddenly, as he realized what he was seeing. "Lights from Heaven to guide and comfort me, just as a star led the Wise Men to the stable that first Christmas. What a splendid theme for my sermon."

Martin Luther smiled up at the twinkling sky. He was no longer afraid.

Feeling safer, Martin Luther looked around for a small tree he could take home for Christmas. He found a young fir tree, pulled it up, and dragged it with him through the forest.

At long last Martin Luther was safe at home. He quickly prepared the little fir tree, hoping to surprise his family.

"Hmmm," he said, as he noticed the triangle shaped candle holder on the table by the window.

Soon Martin Luther called his family in, so he could tell them about his long walk through the dark and dangerous forest. Everyone gasped at the sight of the little fir tree, for it was customary to hang Christmas trees upside-down from the ceiling beams and leave them undecorated. Yet, Martin Luther had placed this little tree upright in a pot, high on the table. The candles had been removed from the triangle shaped holder. Now, as the very first Christmas tree lights, they flickered from the tree's delicate branches -- just as the stars had flickered through the forest to guide Martin Luther.

The family gathered around as Martin Luther told them what had happened earlier that evening.

Writing Block=Another Pick O' The Day

You may have noticed this pic o' the day in my side bar if you look closely enough at my blog. You are looking at a picture of us in front of the Grand Canyon a cold day in November in 2004. I have MANY pictures of the Grand Canyon, but for now... I wanted to include us in it! We took a plane over the Canyon and I took many breath taking pictures up there.. but for today.. this is all you get. I am on a mission to capture our lives. I started with the blog, and now it has evolved into a love for taking pictures. I have always loved photography, but in my "older" age I have really wanted a good camera to capture our day to day in. THANK YOU NATHAN for all of the advice and the help.... Dennis & I thank you all for embarking on this journey with us and caring enough to share the mundane with us! We love you guys!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Random Pic o' the Day

Dennis and I were just looking at our computer screen saver that just scrolls through all of our pictures on our computer randomly.. and I was thinking that there are a lot of SUPER neat pictures of places that we have been, and places we have traveled from the East Coast, to the West Coast, to the south and as far north as Canada. I think that you guys should be able to see them every now and then. So I am going to randomly select a picture to share. I hope you enjoy! This is Niagara Falls taken in 2004. You are seeing the Canadian side of the Falls. I assure you that this picture was taken with my very own camera, and not googled!!!! We were so blessed to be able to see God's great creation. Trouble is, we were not in the state to thank him for this beautiful scenery! He knows we are thankful now.

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