Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dennis' lifelong friend!

I recently posted a blog talking about a dear friend of mine, Lindsey. Needless to say, I don't get to see her often at all as she lives 3 hours away. Oddly enough, Dennis also got some time to spend with one of his "lifetime" friends, Larry. We don't get to see him and his wife often at all because they, too live about 3.5 hours away. Larry has had the priveledge of knowing Dennis since he was 10 years old. Larry is a strong Godly man that Dennis has also had the special honor of sharing life with. We both live very hectic lives, and when the two of them are together along with me and his wife, Tammy... time SLLOOOWWWSSS down. We just stop life and enjoy the rare company with one another.

Larry has known Dennis long enough that he has seen the good, bad, sad, ugly, sinful, stinky, times, and he stuck it through it to see the way that God has drawn him to himself and delivered him from the chains of darkness.

Better than sharing life together, (as stated with Lindsey) we also get the great priveledge of sharing eternity with Christ with these great people. Dennis is so greatful for Larry, and I am so greatful that we get along. :) I didnt get to take any photos of them for their latest stay, this photo above was taken a couple years ago at the top of a local high mountain. We're so thankful that God has given us some special time with some special friends!

We love you Larry and Tammy! We treasure your friendship and we are here to spur you on in your relationship with Christ.

We are building great friends at our church and they are so special and meaningful to us, but there is something really neat about someone that has been THROUGH it ALL with you. Thanks to ALL of our family and friends. WE LOVE YOU!

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Friday, August 29, 2008

It's a CountDown...

It's Friday- - - - and on Monday at 1:00 p.m. I will start the Fall 2008 Semester. I AM NERVOUS.

I know that I have done this thing before, but I am not a fan of the unknown, and so for the next week, everything will be NEW, and that makes my stomach flip just thinking about it. I already have looked over 2 of 4 syllabuses, and already feel apprehensive. Would you pray for me and my husband? For the balance of church, school, our marriage, etc. For the correct placement and balance of priorities? I really NEED them. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Day with Lindsey & the Kids!

Yesterday I went to Buchanan to my hometown and spent the afternoon with one of my dearest friends, and sisters in Christ, Lindsey. She has two small children Bianca (4) and Carter (1). She and I became friends 8 years ago. We have shared our life together since; not leaving out one detail. She has bore my burdens, prayed consistantly for me, laughed with me, cryed with me, and me with her. We learned about marriage, sex, love, Christ, trials, triumphs and parenthood together.

Carter Bianca

She is a strong christian woman who has a walk with Christ that reflects in her life boldly. She was the matron of honor in my wedding, as I was in hers. I watched her mother two children and become a parent that I would strive to be one day. Another cool detail about our friendship is that I set her up with an old boyfriend of mine in high school that serves as her husband, leader, and father to her two children; not to mention a brother in Christ that she helped lead to Jesus.

Thank you Lindsey for sharing life with me since age 15. We have learned so much about life together. More important that life on earth, we will be praising and worshipping our Saviour together for eternity. I am blessed to share my life with you, and honored to be apart of yours. Thank you for everything. I love you girl~ Deepest Love in Christ, Shannon!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Just Some Info-

Hey Guys!
Some of you have asked questions about our cabin that we stayed in. You can check out their website to see all the cabins that they offer and the dates and prices! We recommend this place 100%! We loved it and will be back.

Go to:

6 more days until school starts for me!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Are We In MAYBERRY?!? Pt3

Dennis and I decided after some long driving that we would have dinner at Doug & Lea's house in Floyd. Since we were in a different part of town, we called Doug to get some directions to get to his house. Well, along the way Dennis missed a turn. Well, we just kept on going not realizing that we were not close to Floyd at all. We were in Mount Airey, North Carolina or 'Mayberry'! I was THRILLED! I have always wanted to go there! Unfortunetely we didnt arrive there until after 5:00 p.m so most of all the neat places to go were closed like "Floyd's Barber Shop" and the "Courthouse" where Andy and Barny worked, so we just done what we could. This is what we saw:
We also saw the gas station that Gomer, or Goober worked at but we passed by to quickly for me to realize what it was! It was a super day! We had a great time! Thanks for reading about Our journey!

Big Walker Mountain! Pt2

After we sadly departed from our B & B, we started driving! We didnt really know where we were going, but we had a great time taking in God's great glory and creation!

We stopped at this store and had a couple sandwiches and some cakes and fudge at this neat Country Store. The views up here were phenomenal.

We ended eventually found a weird little place called "Virginia City" it was a ghost town left a long time ago. I'm not a fan of Little House on the Prairie days, I think that they are creepy, but it was neat.
And then after doing all this, we got on this gravel road that went on and on and on and on..........

Day 3 of StayVacation Pt. 1

We actually got to leave for a couple days. We took off Wednesday afternoon and went to Crockett, Virginia near Wytheville for Cripple Creek Bed & Breakfast. We apsolutely loved it there. The bed was warm and comfortable, the room was very clean. We were out in the middle of nowhere! Our view was trees! We woke up every morning to a warm breakfast left at our door. We had the ultimate privacy! The owner provided us with extra drinks, popcorn, and a warm snack each afternoon like Cobbler, and chocolate chip cookies, my favorite!!! The jacuzzi bath was the ultimate relaxation! OOOHH. I cannot describe the relaxation, and rest we got with this lovely place!

Rocking Chair Front Porch

Dennis recieved a professional massage from a therapist that came to our room and gave it there! She was really good, Dennis enjoyed his massage very much!

I was even surprised the next afternoon when Dennis made arrangements to borrow a massage table from some friends, and gave me one! That was such a nice surprise, I couldnt have asked for a better gift. We had a great two days there. I love my husband for working hard each day to allow for these nice trips away. Thank You Honey!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 1 OF StayVacation-


We had a lovely day yesterday. As most of you know, I am going back to school to get my teaching license for K-6 and Dennis brought me to the campus so I could get my books, find my parking lots, get my parking permit, etc so we walked, and walked, and walked, all around! It was a pretty hot day. We found this pretty fountain in the middle. After doing that, Dennis and I found this great little park that had a bird landing. So we WALKED back to this little trail. And this is a peice of what we found to admire.

And then Dennis decided that he wanted to take a WALK since we didnt get enough excersise for the day, so we took off on a level shaded walking trail that ended at a little better than a mile, and then we turned around and did it again. 2 and 2/10 of a mile we walked just on the trail. Along the way, we found this beautiful tree that opened up big enough to accomodate my husband.

We finished out our evening at the movies in Christiansburg watching Swing Vote and a VERY large bowl of popcorn and two massive drinks. and TO BED we went!

UP NEXT: Dentist, Harper to vet, DMV, and dinner. I wont be picturing these events! Check back on Wednesday night or Thursday!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A HouSe Re-ArrANge

We have re-arranged some items in our house. If you have been to our home you might remember that our bedroom is tiny. Also, we have 2 living rooms: one we use and one we do not. And then we have an office, which might be the 2nd most used room of the house next to the kitchen. We decided that since we are going to be in our house for awhile, we would make it the way we want it.
We put the bedroom in the formal living room.
Moved the office to the old bedroom.
And WILL make the old office into a guest bedroom when we find a full size bed.
Here are some photos!

The Living Room BEFORE

The Living Room AFTER: our new bedroom!

The Bedroom BEFORE: Can you believe that we had 2 dressers in here?

The Office changed rooms into the old bedroom.

*The old office just has two older dressers in there, its a plain room, I felt no need for pictures. looking for a full or queen bed frame/headboard and/or mattress. Come by and see it NEXT WEEK! This week we will be on a StayVacation at home, look for pictures! Thanks to Paul & Jill for your help in moving our furniture.

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Praise!

I went to Lewis Gale on Thursday and had a test done to check my fallopian tubes. Praise the Lord that they are clear! :) I felt a little traumatized after the procedure, but it is ok. I will fill you in if you care to know. I just really thought that this bracelet was really cool. I have never had one before. I was thankful for the result. Thanks to Crystal L. for taking me to the doc and for flipping over the cool washcloth on my head. I appreciated it very much!
AFTER that I spent the night with my Nanny and PawPaw. I love spending time with them.
After that, my aunt Martha & Scott came over and he proposed to her!
Congratulations to the happy couple!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A DAy with Ava & Gracie.

Yesterday I picked Ava up from school and we met Dana and the kids for lunch and some time at Longwood Park. Crystal was having some trouble with her eye and was sent to the E.R. where she sat all day. You can read about her update at the bottom of my page under 'Prayer Requests.' She is doing ok, and there is more to learn. I stayed with the girls lastnight while Crystal was at the hospital. We had a great time just hanging out! Please keep the Mitchell Family in your prayers. She is still in the hospital and will be out tomorrow!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Cole!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008 we celebrated Cole's Birthday!
Cole is our nephew who turned 4. We went over to Paul & Jill's and had cake and a fun time just hanging out in the nice weather, watching little children (and some adults) have fun on the trampolin. It was a great Saturday.
Happy 4th Cole!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Busy Week! wHat about PraYer??

I hate that I wasnt able to Blog more this week! I just couldnt find the time to get on the computer. Although, I could go through each day, I wont bore everyone with the details! I will try to do better this week. We have been focusing on prayer in our Friday morning study, and I want to know what you guys think about prayer. just leave your thoughts on my comments, or email me your thoughts regardinf prayer.

Does God care about EVERY detail of your life? like your dog allergies?
Do you pray like a grocery list, do you confess your sin always in your prayer?
Tell me about it!! I want to know

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

TheY wouLd Be sO TiCkeD!

They would be very angry if they knew why I was taking their picture. . .

Dog and Cat for Free!!!!

Dennis and I have decided that it would be best to see if someone would like to adopt our dog, Harper, and our cat, Allie. I am very allergic to the cat, and the dog just doesnt get enough lovin'.
Would someone like to adopt them?? Do you know someone that would? PLEASE help us out... we want them to be loved and appreciated.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm so proud of the Man that he has turned out to be!

Today is the first day that Dennis participated in distributing the Lord's Supper out at our church. He is a "plowman" at our church which is a "deacon in training" I guess. I praise God for the man that he has turned out to be because 2 years ago I would have never thought that God would so richly pour his grace upon my husband to be worthy of this duty. I can't wait to see what God will do in two more years. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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